Fino's Rainforest
Fino's Rainforest



2nd floor near Dillard's

Women's Dept.


750 Sunland Park Dr.


Phone:  915 244-8166 915 244-8166

El Paso, TX 79912

Business Hours


Mon 11am to 8pm

Tue  11am to 8pm

Wed 11am to 8pm

Thur 11am to 8pm

Fri    11am to 8pm

Sat   10am to 9pm 

Sun  12pm to 5pm


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Crickets $0.10 each

Crickets box of 1,000 $24.00 each


Dubia Roaches Sml $0.25 each

Dubia Roaches Med $0.35 each

Dubia Roaches Lrg $0.45 each


Waxworms 10 count $1.00


Meal Worms 20 count $1.00


Superworms 10 count $1.80 



Live Anole Feeder Lizards  $3.00 each


                     Live Fish Food


Guppies 6 count $1.00 each

Ghost Shrimp 10 count $4.00 



                    Frozen Fish Food


Blood Worms 3.5oz Pack $6.00

Brine Shrimp 3.5oz $4.00

Krill 8oz Pack $7.50

Mysis Shrimp Cubes 3.5oz $5.00






Frozen Rabbit (good size) $9.00 each


Frozen Quail $4.50 each



Frozen Mice

$0.65   each  Pinky

$0.95   each  Fuzzy

$1.00   each  Hopper

$1.50   each  Adult


Frozen Rats

$1.50   each  Pinky

$2.00   each  Pup

$3.00   each  Small

$3.75   each  Medium

$4.50   each  Large

$5.00   each  Jumbo


Live Mice

$1.00   each  Pinky

$1.25   each  Fuzzy

$1.75   each  Hopper

$2.00   each  Adult


Live Rats

$2.00   each  Pinky

$3.50   each  Weaned

$4.00   each  Small

$5.00   each Medium

$6.00   each  Large

$7.00   each  Jumbo

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